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Reference Projects in Automotive

Within the automotive sector, IMPREOS® has project experience with OEMs, suppliers and special-purpose vehicles. Our focus is on restructuring, cost effectiveness in procurement and production, and improving the production and output optimization of renowned OEMs.

Avoiding insolvency for a family-owned German automotive group

Measures to secure liquidity implemented, EBIT contributions generated in production and procurement.

Results: Significant cost savings achieved in the procurement of production materials, other operating expenditure reduced, insolvency avoided, continued business operations achieved.

Role: Consultant

Pre-sourcing project for an American automaker in China

Savings potential across all categories in the Passenger Cars segment analyzed and technical/commercial audits of Chinese supplier companies conducted.

Results: Long list of 500 Chinese suppliers in the Passenger Cars segment drawn up according to specific criteria within 14 weeks, shortlist of 50 companies produced within three months on the basis of technical/commercial factory audits conducted locally.

Role: Consultant

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