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We support industrial companies in doing what’s most important to ensure a future-proof business: successfully delivering transformation. Fast, with lasting results and motivated teams.

Our product is therefore a process

  • at the end of which a significant improvement in performance and value has been achieved
  • which ensures the continued existence of the company, and
  • whose results meet the differing expectations of the company’s stakeholders.

Both as CEO and manager with business responsibility and as COO with a direct connection to the production shop floor, Jan Sickmann has successfully delivered numerous transformations for big-name companies.

He founded IMPREOS® to help SMEs in challenging situations implement their strategy and achieve their goals – be it performance improvement programs, digital transformation, turnaround, restructuring, carve-outs, complex production relocations, or increasing output and bridging resource gaps.

With IMPREOS®, transformation becomes reality at all levels of the value chain: from boardroom to production. We deliver results and create lasting change.

Working hand in hand with your team, we implement the necessary actions, apply best practices and gain data-based insights. This enables us to quickly deliver measurable and sustainable success. Sometimes with the involvement of external specialists as required.

Key facts about our engagements to date
We deliver results.
ROS uplift in our mandates: ø 10.6%.
We work fast.
Length of our mandates: ø 12 months
We understand the structures of SMEs.
Mandates by client revenue (%)
We are experts in engineered products.
Mandates by sector (%)
We support various types of organizations.
Mandates by organization type (%)
We concentrate on our core competency.
Mandates by project type (%)
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