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Interim Management
Experienced. Competent. Hands-on.
IMPREOS® successfully delivers the most demanding transformations

Managing a company facing disruption requires experience – not only in the industry, but also with the transformation process itself – as well as strength in delivery. This is where we come in.

We design and deliver sustainable transformation programs for our clients. Essential to this is the ability to work in close and trusting cooperation with management and stakeholders throughout the company.

We can take on the role of

Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Chief Transformation Officer (CTO),
Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO),
Chief Operating Officer (COO),

including, where appropriate, with legal accountability.

We bring about real transformation. As operations experts, we are used to being hands-on and working with a focus on delivering results. The scope of our activities ranges from the boardroom to production. So we can also step into operations functions for you.

Alongside the transformation, we’ll support you in looking for permanent management team members in order to smooth the transition from our joint project to normal business operations and to lay the foundations for your long-term success.

IMPREOS® stands for entrepreneurial focus and sustainability through the highest level of quality, leadership and experience.

Fields of Expertise

Companies have the most scope to future-proof their business when they’re not faced with a pressing need for structural change. We offer broad expertise along the entire technology value chain and cover topics such as sales efficiency, product marketing and manufacturing cost optimization, production network optimization, operations efficiency, project management and procurement optimization.

Profitable growth is the lifeline of every company. It requires efficient digital processes, collaborative performance and genuine customer understanding. IMPREOS® creates value through efficient project management, streamlined product development, strong procurement skills, increased production efficiency and supporting program management. With our experience in operations functions and running businesses, we maximize the profitability of organizational structures. We’ll quickly achieve substantial increases in ROS and create growth that lasts.

In a crisis, companies need to be stabilized, everyone needs to focus on the essentials and performance improvements need to be realized fast. Financing often has to be restructured at the same time in order to maintain the value of the business. Our focus is on substantial, immediate and quantifiable effects.

Manager Profile: Jan Sickmann

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