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Reference Projects in Electrical Engineering and Electronics

From our numerous projects in power electronics and the solar industry, we possess expertise in the fields of power supply, power balancing, energy storage and grid stability. We also have international restructuring and turnaround experience in electronics manufacturing and transmission and distribution (T&D).

Turnaround and subsequent growth for a power electronics manufacturer in the field of renewable energies

Comprehensive liquidity management, personnel downsizing implemented in parallel, costs reduced. Subsequent strong growth achieved through product innovation and internationalization.

Results: The company was successfully refinanced and insolvency avoided. Subsequent financial recovery achieved through significant increase in sales and ROS, establishment of a new business segment and increase in R&D investments. IPO successfully supported.

Role: CEO

Construction of two international production facilities for utility-scale solar inverters in India and South Africa

Two plants set up as modular production sites in Bangalore (India) and Cape Town (South Africa) and first key accounts acquired.

Results: Plants constructed in nine months with low investment budget. After one year, sales had grown and the Indian plant had become the second largest supplier in the country’s emerging market for solar inverters.

Role: Advisory Board Chairman and COO

Closure of a production plant in Malaysia

Loss-making PCB production plant closed in accordance with local law with reconciliation of interests and social plan. The remaining employees were subsequently transferred and production buildings sold to a leading global electronics supplier.

Results: Controlled production shutdown with successful reconciliation of interests and staff layoffs achieved in parallel. Transfer of large parts of the workforce to local electronics manufacturers and sale of fixed assets to a world-leading electronics supplier.

Role: Advisory Board Chairman and COO

Turnaround of a power electronics facility in Europe by focusing on core business and restructuring

Turnaround of a loss-making foreign subsidiary completed within nine months: management team changed, extensive personnel downsizing achieved through reconciliation of interests and social plan in accordance with French law. Subsequently focused the company on profitable business lines.

Results: Successful reconciliation of interests and social plan, double-digit ROS uplift, continued profitable operation of the company.

Role: Advisory Board Chairman and COO

Establishment of a Transformation Office

Supported the delivery of a worldwide program of measures for a division of a global electrical engineering group by establishing a Transformation Office.

Results: Transformation Office established to consolidate all international profit improvement initiatives.

Role: Member of the Transformation Office

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