We Deliver Transformation.
IMPREOS® is an international interim management company specializing in transformation and performance improvement for industrial enterprises.

... are a director, CEO or owner of an international company operating in one of these sectors:

  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Electrical Engineering and Electronics
  • Chemicals, Raw Materials, Oil and Gas, Energy
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive
  • Building Technology and Construction
  • General Industry

... want to improve your company’s performance and are facing disruption

when a crisis is

  • not in sight
  • imminent or
  • in full swing

... seek to have the transformation you want or need accompanied by an expert who achieves fast and substantiated results that count.


... lead companies or individual business divisions to success quickly and reliably in the face of transformation. Our goal is to add substantial, lasting value.

... design and deliver:

  • with the highest level of personal professionalism, integrity and expertise
  • supported by Workout Programs and Analytics Optimizers that you can keep in your company if you wish

... know your market structures from our own business experience in numerous companies operating in the machinery and equipment sector, electrical engineering and the process industry.

... keep the human aspect in mind: We create an empathetic and motivating working atmosphere and involve employees in the transformation.

Our Services

Interim Management


What our clients say

“IMPREOS® adapted the turnaround blueprint very well to the needs of our business. Thanks to the professional program management and the intensive joint work it was implemented successfully within short time. We would appreciate to work together again in the future.”

Divisional CEO
Robotics OEM (Germany)

“Under Mr. Sickmann’s leadership, we achieved financial turnaround including a sales uplift. The significantly reduced margin the division previously had (...) in Germany was also raised substantially, bucking the general market trend.”

Engineering company (Germany)

“Mr. Sickmann restructured the liquidity and earnings of our German company at short notice and then expanded the new business division (...) with his team, turning it into the division with the strongest sales and profit”

Large mid-cap electrical engineering company (Netherlands)

“Despite the complexity, the necessary structural adjustments were delivered successfully and we experienced no slump in sales. In fact, we exceeded our sales and earnings targets.”

Building technology company (Germany)