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Project Workout
Project Workout
Improving performance in the execution of complex make-to-order projects

You have to execute large numbers of projects in make-to-order (MTO) manufacturing and development simultaneously, keeping everything on time, on margin and on spec. To do that you need well-oiled processes, clear roles and large amounts of information. That’s how you’re able to fulfill the orders as expected and create a positive team experience.

However, most MTO companies lack the right kind of process and the tools to professionally manage many different projects simultaneously. That’s why we drew on our many years of experience with the make-to-order business and developed “Project Workout”: an efficient process to do exactly that.

We’ll adapt the process to your company and train your project team in how to use it. ProMTO® also provides you with a powerful and easy-to-use analytics-based tool. And thanks to the management coaching we offer alongside, you can be sure that everything will run smoothly even when we’re no longer with you.

Our goal for you: quick successes, motivated teams, permanently higher return on sales (ROS).

What is the winning formula behind Project Workout?
All-round value enhancement that goes far beyond better team collaboration.
Project Workout multiplies the results for all stakeholders in the company in three ways
Project team
Requirements (fixed)
Enterprise value
The ProMTO® optimization effect

Delivery performance

On time



On budget



On spec

The ProMTO® optimization effect
Discover ProMTO®, the optimizer of ROS in the project business.
Project example: ROS improvement

We increased the gross margin for a European manufacturer of packaging machines using customer-specific equipment in the project business with a Project Workout Program and the use of ProMTO®.

More information on Project Workouts and ProMTO®

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